Tuesday, April 3, 2007


my mom said that I'm not supposed to write the names of my family for security reasons...soooo i made up nick names. In my moms blog we are known as DH, D, G (D's hubby), S, J, H, E, and G. In my blog they will be called Obey-one (DH), mom, Ariel (D), Prince Eric (D's hubby), Star Stepper (S), me (J laughing to self), Monster (H), Skywalker (E), and Lou Lou (G). I think they suit us pretty well!
Well, there are 10 days till the TAKS tests. : (((( something i am not exactly looking forward to. So for the next 2 weeks it will be crunch time. Really the only tests I'm worried about are science and History. I've always been bad at science, and in history my excuse is that i have one of the MOST BORING teachers in history's history (and that's saying something)!!! this is our class schedule for 5th period history: walk in, sit down, Mrs. S lectures for 45 mins, bell rings, grab hw on way out. She talks everyday! NON-STOP! and you would think she might get sick or maybe even loose her voice, but no!!! so i guess what I'm saying here is that i have a scheduled nap during 5th period and the TAKS testing is going to mess that up.


FrogLegs said...

I had a teach like that! Only it was for a different class. I swore that I would never be like him- and hopefully I'm not. (I should ask my own students!)

Good luck on your testing! :)

Anna said...

Love the nicknames! They suit everyone perfectly!

utmommy said...

Boring teachers are the worst.

Nicknames are great!

attack of The Mouse said...

yikes -- good luck with the test. That sounds like "zero fun". I'm sure you are going to do great. Study hard, it will be worth it. I love the creativty of the nick names.

bluebird said...

I don't know you (I was googling names for a story of mine and found this page), and I dont know your family, but I think your nicknames are pretty cool, and... I wanted to wish you good luck!