Monday, April 23, 2007

to my advantage!

I've decided to use this blog post as a persuasive essay to my mother. You see for months now I have been begging, non-stop, her to give me an allowance. So if this doesn't work... then i don't know what will. (by the way this is mostly for my mom to read so if i add some thing that you don't really get its because there may be things that would usually only make sense to me and her)

P1 What would happen to you and your life if your source of money, lets call it your allowance, stopped coming to you? Would you be able to pay bills, buy grocery's, or ever hang out with your friends? Of coarse not! Without money your activities are limited. Of coarse I understand that I am only a teenager and that I do not necessarily need a credit card, a cell phone, or a pony but is a small allowance once a week really too much to ask for? I also know that with privileges such as an allowance come responsibilities (for which i believe I am fully qualified to handle).
P2 As with all privileges comes responsibilities. For example if you get a new pet you become responsible for taking care of that pet and keeping it alive, if you are asked to baby-sit you are responsible for those kids lives until the parents return, or in my case, if you receive a weekly allowance your responsibility would be to pay tithing, save another 10% in your saving and sparingly/wisely use the rest for your pleasure. As you can see I have already planned out the way I would use my allowance.
P3 Like I have already mentioned I have a plan to use an allowance to my best advantage. 10% would automatically go to tithing. Another 10% would be sent to a savings account for emergencies and my future plans (such as a car, college, etc.). Then whatever was left I would put to more leisurely things. You see, I had a LONG talk with Papa today and he explained to me the importance and guide lines to budgeting. Mom, I am sure you are pretty tired of refusing my pleads for money to go to the movies or to go out with my friends. I know I am.
P4 I always seem to be short on money. Whether it is to buy new clothes, buy birthday presents, movies with friends, football games, etc. I think that if you allow me this privilege I will learn alot. Papa has explained to my how important budgeting is and how i should practice while I'm young so that it doesn't come back and bite me in the butt when I'm older. Obviously I am pretty dang desperate (you know with me writing essays about it even when i hate, with a passion, essays) for this responsibility. By the way mom I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Anna said...

I had to resort to using my lunch money for I want to eat? But the shirt is so cute!!! Talk about a dilemma!

utmommy said...

I used to save my lunch money too.