Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my $ problems

OK. So maybe my brilliant essay plan didn't work, but i think i have found a substitute! You see, I have a amazing math teacher who has taught my more in the past 6 months than I've learned in 2 years. And for some strange reason we were talking about buying clothes and she said that last year she saved up her spare change for one year and by the time school came around again her son was asking for new clothes. So, she gave him her big jar of change and it ended up being 200 and something dollars!!! After that I started saving up some of my change and the few coins i found around the house, in the car, and in my closet. I started in February and soon forgot about it; until I was cleaning out my purse today. I had alot of change from my lunch money in there so I put it in my jar. The strange thing is, is that the jar was kinda heaving when I took it down. So today me and Lou-Lou counted everything and it ended up being 28$ and alot of pennies! Now I can either go and get 2 new shirts from my favorite new store, Rue 21, or I can keep saving up and see what happens! Of coarse I realize that change doesn't exactly add up quickly, but I think that in about another month I could have enough to buy a new outfit for DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!
There are only 6 weeks, including this one, left of school and man am i ready for summer vacation! actually I've been ready since the beginning of x-mas break.

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