Tuesday, August 14, 2007

school is coming...

and im not ready.
i dont have supplies yet. i guess we dont get our lists until the first day but i think we should go and get the things that i know ill need. stuff like a binder or pens or paper. right??
but mom just says we'll wait and rush with everyone else on the first day.

i also dont think i could ever get enough of summer.
School means waking up early, not having all the time in the world, and stress.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For my auntie Val

when i had gotten my turtles, a while ago, the lady at the counter said they were social animals. so when Donatelo died today i was afraid that Leonardo would die too from being lonely. My friend Paige got two turtles for her birthday and one of them died, and when the first one died the second got to lonely and died also. So i think that if i get a fish to swim around with Leonardo until I get a new turtle, then maybe he wont be to lonely.

Grace and I had a funeral for Donatelo(summer days often get too boring for us).