Saturday, August 29, 2009

electric violin

this might be just about the coolest thing ive ever seen in my whole life.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

hydration is a must!

one thing that i've noticed lately since i've moved into the house is that i drink a ton of water now. in Texas we had well water. it was gross. but here we have perfectly normal water and i often find myself drinking gallons of it at a time. such a luxury :] weird huh?

in other news, school starts this wednesday. ill admit im more than just a little nervous. i have all my outfits for the next three weeks planned out. i still havent finished my homework so i guess i need to get cracking. tomorrow is the freshman open house at the high school but my counselor told me i needed to go to it to find all my classes and pick up my schedule and books.

a while ago rob handed me an extra key to the truck. i was super excited even though it wasnt completely all mine. i even re-named him bruce because i didnt like the idea of driving around in a car named the "loser cruiser". but a couple days ago rob took old bruce in and bought himself a very pretty little car. consequently i have no claim to the car so once again im car less. i wonder what the parents are going to do when they have to either let me borrow one of the cars (probably the suburban) for a whole day so i can get to school and work and after school activities or they'll have to drive me there and pick me up. bummer.

to keep myself entertained i have been reading alllllllllll day. ive read almost a complete 2400 pages in the past 5 days. im quite proud of my accomplishment although ive now ran out of books to read. any suggestions???

Saturday, August 22, 2009

i have good news and bad news.

the good news is that i made my first friend in Maryland last night. the bad news is that shes leaving for college on Wednesday.

so last night my mom forced me to go to a bon fire with all the youth in my new ward. it might have been fun if it wasnt for the fact that it was pouring rain. while there i started talking to a girl named courtney. both of us were pretty miserable standing in the rain. courtneys friends were having an unofficial dance somewhere about an hour away. so courtney and i left the bonfire and drove an hour to the dance which only had about an hour left. but right away we were dancing and i made tons of friends (most of whom are leaving for college also next week). i ended up coming home pretty late at night and my mom met me at the door. it was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i hereby devote this blog to informing my Texans about life in Maryland.

i got to Maryland early Monday morning. the airport was really weird. first you start out getting off the plane in one building, then you find a strange bus like thing that takes you to another building were security and baggage are. then after meeting with your very sleepy family you exit the airport and drive for ten years to get home.
Maryland is very green, theres a thick wall of trees on each side of the rode like a screen. my mom let me drive yesterday. it was very different from Texas. the rodes here are curvy and a little narrower. I'm always scanning the surrounding forest for deers that are going to jump in front of me and smash my car.
my mom and i finished unpacking my room yesterday. i was so excited to have a normal sized closet of my very own :}. weird huh? i bought a new bed spread and this awesome chalk sticker that you put on your wall.
we went to my new high school and registered for classes. I'm in mostly AP classes and psychology. on the first day of school I'm trying out for orchestra, having music in school will be quite a change... but then again every things going to be quite different. the counselor was friendly and nice and very helpful. theres an open house on the 24th that i have to go to to get my schedule and map out my classes. apparently everyone rides the bus here. my seminary class starts at 6:30 and ends an hour later. the bus picks everyone up from the teachers house and takes them to school. that means my day will begin very early until i learn to get ready in 10 minutes flat. the high schools here end at 2 which is nice. another weird but welcomed difference about school here is that it starts on Wednesday so the first week in only 3 days long. only 3 days or torture.
I'm babysitting the kids right now while rob and mom are at the temple. they left at noon and wont be back til later so its been a long day. a very boring day. grace and i, in an attempt to entertain ourselves, played dress up with all my old formal dresses, watched endless episodes of what i like about you, played with Tommy, did each others hair, read books, and cooked dinner. the rest of the kids didn't want to play with us so they spent their time in the basement watching TV. none of us have gone outside all day sadly and I'm thinking of dragging everyone out there for a little fresh air.
maybe ill make them play soccer or something :] what an evil big sister i am
i miss Texas alot. i find myself very lonely and bored here and I'm dying to see my friends soon although it probably wont be possible for a while. I'm sure things will be better when sierra gets back from her trip. cant wait!