Saturday, May 26, 2007

more pictures

more pis! i love taking pictures, being in pictures, and just pictures in general!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I got a camara! YAAA MEEE!!! here are a few of the 87 pictures i took over the past 2 days!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

More about me

Everyone thinks its sooo crazy, but... i LOVE Johnny Depp! I mean, who couldn't like a pirate, an insane writer, AND a lover off of a ghost story??? I have a big poster of Johnny as Captain Jack and a calender with every pose for the camera he has ever made hanging on my walls. Maybe a little obsessive. During summer I am having my sister Ariel do my hair! She's going to put purple in it and I'm planning on asking her to cut it too! I found a really cute cut in a magazine the other week and my mom approves of it. I would put a pic of it on here but i don't know how. Its really short with ALOT of layers. I'm kinda scared of how short it is because if i dont like it , it will take a long time to grow back. Oh well!! :)

I'm learning how to play the piano! I started 2 days ago and i can already play two handed songs!!! YA me! I like it, its not as boring as the violin and no one's pressuring me to keep a it and work harder. I guess if its not expected of me i like it more. Weird huh?

I like basketball. I like watching it and playing it. At school I'm on a basketball team. (well along with everyone else in athletics) we were divided into teams and we play against each other. And i guess you could say I'm not bad at it. ;)

I like running when I don't have to. I often take Millie out on runs. We go down to Amy's house (my bf) and then we talk to her for a while, then when mom sends sierra with the truck to come find us, we run home.

I like animals. especially the ones you don't see every day. I'm always wanting new kinds of pets from finches to snakes to monkeys. Of coarse my mom always says, "Jenna, (sigh), you have Millie." End of conversation.
I like cooking. Again, only when i dont have to. I'm a creative person and cooking can be really fun! One day i want to make a HUGE 5 layer cake with tons of decorations and I want to have a party so that everyone can eat it! I like parties too!

I'm ready for summer break. actually I've been ready since Xmas break. I can NOT wait to go to Disney world!!!! My friend Thomas from Youth Conference just got back from it. He said I cant even imagine how fun it is. But I think i have a clue. hello? I've been to Disney world, how many times???

I am friendly and shy and smiley. At the first dance I went to, I was dancing with this weird-o who asked me if i always smile (i guess i was smiling alot. what else are you supposed to do when some dude is towering over you and staring at your face?!!?).
That's me. At least for now!