Friday, June 1, 2007

Six Flags and The Last Day of School!

Today was the LAST DAY OF MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! YAAA!!!!!!
Me and Amy!

Yesterday, my entire grade at my school went to sixflags. Everyone passed ALL of our TAKS tests, so we were rewarded. "WOOT WOOT!" I was really fun. I stayed with a group of friends and we went on every ride there except for the ones in Loony Tunes Land (which is the little kid rides). I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!!! My friend Amy is, by far, the best roller coaster partner! We went on Batman, Cliffhanger, Mr. Freeze, Flashback, Superman, Roaring Rapids, AuquaMan, Titan, Texas Giant, and Shockwave 3 times each!!! FUN FUN FUN!