Friday, March 30, 2007

Things that tick me off

1. cleaning the kitchen- its by far the longest to finish of all the jobs in the house. Everyone trys to avoid being the kitchen cleaner. And then when it is clean, you come back the next day and its dirty again.

2. frizzy hair days- there are some days where my hair is flat and straight and i love it, but then there are other days, such as today, where my hair is sooo frizzy i could loose things in it!

3. boys- enough said. they're just plain annoying.

4. packing peanuts- it gets everywhere!!!! you open a package, leave the box with the packing peanuts in it in the living room while u go and put the contents of the package into your room, you run back into living room remembering kids live with you, and you find packing peanuts ALL over the place! Then it takes forever to pick them up because you cant vacuum or sweep them or else they'll break in two.

5. alarm clocks- the make THE most annoying noise ever!!! it even bugs me when i hear the alarm clock noise on a commercial or a movie.

6. baby-sitting a non-napped Gracie-Lou- because the second mom even starts walking towards the door she starts screaming! then she gives you the sad face and says, "ah! mahm!!!"

7. shots- i can not stand them! i always get dizzy and my whole arm goes completely limp and i cant move it no matter how hard i try. is that normal?

8. the chlorine smell- in the summer we tend to swim alot. after the swimming fun i also get the fun of smelling like chlorine.


attack of The Mouse said...

I love your blog. I too hate alarm clocks. They are just way too annoying. I also hate the sound of the hair dryer. I'm waiting for the soundless hairdryer. Keep 'em comming.

PS I love spelling errors, because I can't spell either.

Mel said...

I can see why your mom says you are creative! Your blog is great! Bad hair days are the worst!

txmommy said...

but cleaning the kitchen builds character ;)

Joyismygoal said...

I agree on alarms but I suppose they are just doing what they are told: we set them to annoy us enough to wake us up...... which we never want to do:) spell check has ruined my spelling I don't have to memorize any more. But packing peanuts that is a different story.... THAT annoyance means WOOHOO I got a package- I got a package!!! Oh and I have actually found things in my hair on frizzy days. One day recently when it was raining, I was in a school working for my job, I reached up to scratch my head and I found a Velcro roller in my hair!!!!!!!! that I had put in an hour before trying to stretch out some of my curls and had forgotten to take out !!!! BOY was my face red But nobody got hurt... so... soon just laughed LOL

NannyOgg said...

I am with you on most of those thing. Especially the packing peanuts and the kitchen cleaning.

I think packing peanuts are evil and should be outlawed. Heck, so should cleaning the kitchen.

Welcome to the fun world of blogging!


Anne/kq said...

Ooooh, I feel ya on the shots. I have ALWAYS had bad reactions to shots. It's not in your head, and unfortunately, I don't think it ever goes away. :(

I don't mind cleaning the kitchen as much as laundry, though... Because it NEVER gets done. With the kitchen, you can usually at least finish for at least five minutes!

Anna said...

You are so funny! I agree!!