Friday, March 5, 2010


It's that time of the year again. Time to sign up for next years classes. This time, however, it is more exciting because I'm only required to take an English class and a technology class so i have free call on the other 5! Of course i have to take into account the way each class will look on my transcripts, they way they'll effect my GPA, the stress levels, etc.
So I'm thinking that I'll sign up for AP Environment, AP Environment Lab, AP Psychology, English at the college, Astronomy, Geology, Pre-Calculus, Technology, and Chamber Orchestra.
The only conflict is that since next year I'm going to be a senior I'm allowed to take only 4 class periods and right now that sounds rrrrreally nice. On the other hand, half schedules don't look as good to colleges. On the other hand i would be taking a college English class and that DOES look good. On yet another hand, i don't have a car to get there during the school day so maybe that isn't realistic class to take. Also, my violin isn't up to par compared to the others in my orchestra so maybe dropping Chamber isn't such a bad idea. On the other hand Orchestra is one of my favorite classes... and its an easy grade. That's a lot of hands.

Decisions decisions.

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utmommy said...

That is a lot of hands. Good luck deciding.