Saturday, August 22, 2009

i have good news and bad news.

the good news is that i made my first friend in Maryland last night. the bad news is that shes leaving for college on Wednesday.

so last night my mom forced me to go to a bon fire with all the youth in my new ward. it might have been fun if it wasnt for the fact that it was pouring rain. while there i started talking to a girl named courtney. both of us were pretty miserable standing in the rain. courtneys friends were having an unofficial dance somewhere about an hour away. so courtney and i left the bonfire and drove an hour to the dance which only had about an hour left. but right away we were dancing and i made tons of friends (most of whom are leaving for college also next week). i ended up coming home pretty late at night and my mom met me at the door. it was fun while it lasted.


Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

good for you! thats the way to meet friend - get out there and get wet.

Robin said...

Oh bummer its never good when mom meets us at the door. Just remember she loves you thats why she is ya