Sunday, August 23, 2009

hydration is a must!

one thing that i've noticed lately since i've moved into the house is that i drink a ton of water now. in Texas we had well water. it was gross. but here we have perfectly normal water and i often find myself drinking gallons of it at a time. such a luxury :] weird huh?

in other news, school starts this wednesday. ill admit im more than just a little nervous. i have all my outfits for the next three weeks planned out. i still havent finished my homework so i guess i need to get cracking. tomorrow is the freshman open house at the high school but my counselor told me i needed to go to it to find all my classes and pick up my schedule and books.

a while ago rob handed me an extra key to the truck. i was super excited even though it wasnt completely all mine. i even re-named him bruce because i didnt like the idea of driving around in a car named the "loser cruiser". but a couple days ago rob took old bruce in and bought himself a very pretty little car. consequently i have no claim to the car so once again im car less. i wonder what the parents are going to do when they have to either let me borrow one of the cars (probably the suburban) for a whole day so i can get to school and work and after school activities or they'll have to drive me there and pick me up. bummer.

to keep myself entertained i have been reading alllllllllll day. ive read almost a complete 2400 pages in the past 5 days. im quite proud of my accomplishment although ive now ran out of books to read. any suggestions???

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Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Reading is fun, but if you read too much, all the stories start to blend together. Or is that only for ol' women like me?
How about you could do some craft? Make something nice for your room...Endless possibilities...